Service Agreement for Turingcat Users

  • Commitment

    • 1.1Authorization

      Turingcat hereby grants you limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable authorization so that you can download, install, copy and use these products and additional products (hereinafter refers to as “this Product”), including all follow-up documents attached but you shall not sell, rent, transfer, modify this Product, make reverse project, de-compilation of this Product or creates derivatives. All rights that are not authorized clearly shall be reserved by Turingcat.

    • 1.2 Restriction

      The authorization shall become valid if meeting the following conditions:

      1. This Product shall not be modified by any means;
      2. The installation and application of this Product do not violate any rule of Turingcat;
      3. You have gained necessary authorization and qualification to install and use this Product;
      4. You have paid all necessary costs;
      5. You shall accept this Agreement without any reservation or modification and you never violate this Agreement.
    • 1.3 Registration

      You shall, upon registering an account, provide accurate information and keep updating them. Before you complete necessary registration procedure, Turingcat may restrict you to use this Product and you may be required to select a user name, password and fill cell phone number and personal information; in addition, you shall be responsible for keeping secret for them. Where anyone is found using your account without your authorization, you shall notify Turingcat with no delay.

    • 1.4 Updating

      Turingcat may provide part of updating service of this Project automatically without prior notice.

  • 2.Service Contents

    1. The specific content of Turingcat network service is provided by Turingcat based on practical condition, such as data synchronism, remote operation and control and electrical equipment operation.
    2. The hardware provided by Turingcat (such as control system, sensor and rotary knob) shall be purchased by users.

  • 3.Service Regulations

    1. In case of applying for Turingcat, you shall provide accurate personal data for Turingcat; in case of any changes, please update it with no delay.
    2. Users are not allowed to transfer their accounts, passwords or lend them to others; if the account is found used by others illegally, the user shall notify Turingcat immediately but Turingcat shall not bear any liability for the account or password used by others illegally due to hackers or the user’s negligence.
    3. The user shall comprehend and agree that Turingcat shall have rights to distribute all commercial advertisements or any types of commercial information (including but not limited to distributing advertisement on Turingcat equipment); in addition, you shall agree Turingcat to distribute commodity sales promotion or other relevant commercial information by pushing notification or other modes.
    4. Please abide by rules set forth below if using Turingcat network service

      • (a) Complying with relevant national laws and regulations;
      • (b) Abiding by network agreements, regulations and procedures relevant to network service;
      • (c) Avoiding using network service system for any illegal purpose;
      • (d) Avoiding using Turingcat network or infringing Turingcat’s commercial interests by any means, including but not limited to distributing any commercial advertisement without Turingcat’s commitment;
      • (e) Avoiding uploading, showing or spreading any false, disturbed, wounding, contumelious, threatening or obscene information on network service provided by Turingcat.
      • (f) Avoiding infringing the third party’s patent right, copyright, trademark right or reputation right;
      • (g) Avoiding going against Turingcat with Turingcat network service system;
      • (h) Agreeing the statement, notice or warning as one part of this Agreement from Turingcat if using Turingcat network service, for Turingcat shall have rights to review and supervise Turingcat network service (including but not limited to webpage announcement, e-mail and message);
      • (i) Guaranteeing and maintaining Turingcat’s and other users’ interests and agreeing to bear compensation liabilities if violating relevant laws, regulations, any clause hereof to cause Turingcat’s or the third person’s loss.

  • 4.Privacy

    1. Privacy protection is one of Turingcat’s basic policies; Turingcat shall commit not to publish single user’s registration data and non-public contents saved by the user in Turingcat when using network service or provide it for the third party, except for the following conditions:

      • (a) Authorized by the user clearly in advance;
      • (b) According to relevant laws and regulations;
      • (c) According to relevant governmental administrative organs’ requirements;
      • (d) To maintain the public’s interests;
      • (e) To maintain Turingcat’s legal rights and interests.
    2. Since Turingcat may cooperate with the third party to provide users with relevant network service, Turingcat shall be entitled to provide the third party with users’ registration data if the third party agrees to bear same liabilities of Turingcat to protect users’ privacy.
    3. Turingcat shall have rights to analyze the whole database and use users’ database commercially under the premise that Turingcat will not reveal single user’s private data.

  • 5.Statement for Exemption

    1. The user shall bear any risk and all results caused by using Turingcat network service but Turingcat shall not bear any liabilities for users.
    2. Turingcat cannot commit that the network service provided can meet users’ requirements or commit that network service will not be suspended; in addition Turingcat will not ensure timeliness, safety and accuracy of network service.
    3. Turingcat cannot make commitment for accuracy and completeness of external links set for convenience or bear any liability for contents pointed by external links but beyond Turingcat’s control.
    4. Turingcat shall not bear any liability for network service suspension or other defects due to force majeure or other case beyond Turingcat’s control but try to reduce users’ loss and influence caused accordingly.
    5. The users shall commit that Turingcat will not bear any liability for quality defect of the following products or services provided by Turingcat or any other loss incurred accordingly.
    6. All network services provided by Turingcat for free;
    7. Any product or service provided by Turingcat for free;
    8. Any product or service provided by Turingcat by for network service charged.

  • 6.Agreement Modification

    1. Turingcat shall have rights to modify any clause hereof and publish agreement content modified directly once it is changed. This announcement shall be considered as agreement contents notified and modified by Turingcat and Turingcat can notify the agreement contents modified by other ways.
    2. In case of refusing Turingcat to modify any clause hereof, the user shall have rights to stop network service, who shall be regarded to accept agreement content modified by Turingcat if using network service continuously.

  • 7.Service Change, Suspension or Termination

    1. i. Users shall authorize Turingcat to change, suspend or terminate part or the whole of network service due to specialty of network service; where the network service changed, suspended or terminated is free, Turingcat may not notify users or bear any liability for users or the third party; provided that the network service changed, suspended or terminated is charged, Turingcat shall notify the user prior to change, suspension or termination.
    2. ii. Users shall commit and confirm that Turingcat needs to maintain network service platform (such as internet website and mobile network) or relevant equipment regularly or irregularly but not bear any liability. Meanwhile, Turingcat will make announcement as much as

      Turingcat shall be entitled to suspend or terminate network services (the network services shall include but not limited to network service paid or for free and free network service based on advertisement mode) provided for users and regulated herein at any time but not bear any liability for users or the third party. :

      • (a) The personal data provided by the user are not real;
      • (b) The user violates rules regulated herein;
      • (c) The nickname of account registered by the user violates laws, regulations or national policies or impairs the third party’s legal rights and interests and Turingcat shall have rights to collect the nickname.

  • 8.Notice Distribution

    1. All notices from Turingcat under this Agreement shall be sent via webpage announcement, e-mail, cell phone, APP, all Turingcat’s equipment or common letter; once sent, the notice is considered to accept by the receiver.
    2. Users’ notices shall be sent to Turingcat through mailing address or e-mail published by Turingcat.

  • 9.Law Application, Governance and Miscellaneous

    1. The establishment, execution, interpretation and just resolution for this Agreement shall be subject to people’s court in China.
    2. Any dispute arising out of performance of this Agreement shall be resolved by both parties through amicable negotiation; in case of failure in negotiation, either party can file a complaint to people’s court at site of Turingcat.
    3. This Agreement shall form completeness of all matters regulated by both parties herein and other relevant matters; meanwhile other rights are not endowed to either party except for those regulated herein.
    4. Where any clause hereof becomes invalid partly or wholly or does not have executive force for any reason, the remaining part hereof shall be valid and has restraint.
    5. The title hereof is set for convenience and can be ignored when this Agreement is interpreted.

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