Turingcat+Open-Ecology Plan is a cooperative plan for innovative smart family ecosphere, which is officially launched by GRAND INTELLIGENT in 2015.

With a firm attitude for openness and win-win cooperation, Turingcat welcomes all cooperative partners engaged in family services to join us.

We are well prepared to support our cooperative partners in all respects including service port, marketing consultation and data analysis for smart family high-end users. Based on characteristics of products or services of partners, Turingcat is capable of making personalized recommendation in appropriate scenarios of users’ family life through big data computation, so that the products or services can better meet with users’ needs, meanwhile facilitate cooperative partners to win massive users as well as lucrative revenue.

Turingcat sincerely hopes that cooperative partners engaged in household service-related on-line product, smart hardware, software and community service, etc., will join us, so as to together make a common endeavor to realize high-quality smart family ecosphere.

Cooperation Mode

O2O Service Access
  • Provide standard API ports. The cost of access renovation is extremely low.

  • Provide standard API ports. The cost of access renovation is extremely low.

  • For more details on API port
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Third-party Hardware Integration
  • Users can view information via Turingcat central controller or APP. Big data management on family health will be achieved through data integration with devices of other brands

  • Turingcat will recommend users to purchase hardware device products in cooperation with Turingcat.

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Turingcat Shopping Mall
  • Turingcat shopping mall is on heated invitation for business cooperation! A brand new platform is ready for the forthcoming cooperative development and business success.

  • Brands centered on smart household products, collocation, and family value-added services etc. are most welcome to station with us.

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From the moment Turingcat+ Plan set off, we have already been in tight cooperation with more than ten partners. They are from different business fields including but not limited to Life O2O service, smart hardware device, wearable equipment, express delivery service, on-line healthcare and on-line payment, among whom some are the business giants or rising stars in their own field. They, jointly with Turingcat commit to build up the first national high-quality smart family ecosphere in China. With increasing numbers of members joining the Turingcat+Plan, we look forward to join hands with you to construct a better future.

S.F. Express
Doctor 160
E-Home Wash
Tidy on-line washing
Easy Household Appliance
Eternal Asia
QQ Internet of things

Look forward for your participation!

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