Available to all family members

Knob controller

Smart home is easily controlled in hands.

Remote control of music and household appliances

Entrance Guard intercom; message handling

Access control intercom; early warning & alarm

Rotate knob lightly
To control all indoor devices

Knob may be bound to any rooms, you can conduct
Remote control of all indoor devices in any place at home as you like.

Fast switching of room scenarios and modes

One-key customization of scenarios and mode
User-defined scenarios, keep everything in control

Play music

It can be linked to room loudspeaker to play your favorite music, or be synchronized with mobile phone music to play more.


Natural wake-up forged by intelligence. Start each day with good mood. No radiation even placed at bedside. Click it to alarm off.

Message handling

Real-time message prompt. Multi-sensory prompt for severe events.

Access control intercom

Wherever you are, the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom? Just knob it to open the door.

The simplest operation is easy to use for all family members.

All what needed for operation: flap, rotate left and right.

All operations can be realized within 3 steps, making it easy for the aged and children who are not proficient in smartphone.

Light and thin, stick it everywhere you like with an awesome feel of lightness

hinness, tininess and perfect curves.

Ultrathin and light

Ultrahigh pixel

Adhesive charging base without replacement of batteries

GuangDong ICP No. 15016949