API cooperation of Turingcat:

The partner should firstly make an application to get the verification key(Thid-party secret key)and have it well kept.

  • 1、Get access token:

         It is used as password for request interface with valid period up to 30 min;it needs cache by the third party after being and will be invalid for the second visit.

  • 2、User information inquiry:

         It is used for checking the user information of Turingcat.

  • 3、User's production order:

         The user,while placing an order through the third party,should have the order information encrypted and sent to Turingcat to generate the production order No.as the settlement basis of both parties.

  • 4、Advanced payment:

         the user,if completing the order from the third party,should send the order information to Turingcat and the settlement should be handled according to the order.

  • 5、Confirm payment:

         To confirm the payment by Turingcat user after the third party has completed work.

JS interface of Turingcat:

The interface js interface is provided by official website of Turingcat and may be added to the webpage of the third page through URL.

  • 1、Close window interface

    It can be used by the third party to close app window according to business logics.

Interface provided by third party:

  • 1、Inquiry of service availability

    It is used for sending asynchronous notification to the third party after the user's payment is made to Turingcat system.

Turingcat's partners

SF-Express:to provide express delivery and inquiry services

UDIS lock:a high-tech company engaged in biological recognition and digital recognition

www.91160.com:the large mrdical service platform in China.We devote ourselves in improving medical experience,providing appointment register,doctor consulting,classified treatment,medical community,chronic disease and health management services.

QQ internet of things:to realize mutual interaction between QQ user and equipment and between equipment,as well as direct voice and video chat and talkback based on the QQ account system,relation chain and QQ message channel capability

Lifesense:a company engaged in family health management,research,
production and sales of medical health electrical products and research&operation of smart health Cloud platform

Wash8:a convenient,reliable and safe platform for appointment of vehicle decoration services and sales of vehicle articles.

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