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Standard and policy for selecting channel agent

The standard for selecting regional sales agent:

  1. The provincial-level and local intelligent building system integration system with good relationship with real estate developers and resources, successful cases in real estate development and system integration, good understanding to smart household market and domestic products, as well as building self-control and weak electricity integration market and domestic and overseas products;

  2. The listed companies with above 5 years of operation and above 20 workers should be prioritized;

  3. the companies with good foundation in engineering, customization business and integration of auxiliary systems should be prioritized;

  4. The companies with qualification of agent to Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, Crestron and Control4 and rich experience in product integration should be prioritized.

  5. The companies with independent sales team, after-sales maintenance team, acceptable execution operation mode and specification, high management standard, high service quality and operation efficiency should be prioritized.

  6. Companies with good loyalty and maintenance to public image of “Turingcat”, good brand and social influences and identification to the operation concept and policies of Turingcat should be prioritized.

The regional or provincial-level agent plan includes platinum and golden agent. The authorized agent may get the pre-sales, sales and after-sales service qualification in corresponding area. Please kindly contact us if you having interest in late stage operation services.

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