Company Profile

The Turingcat is developed by Shenzhen Grandland Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., which is a creative company engaged in remote control of household appliances,cloud customization of living ecosystem.The mission of Turingcat:improving human living environment and making life more intelligent and beautiful.

The Company has initiated the smart household mode based on in-depth cooperation with decoration companies so as to reduce the customer's burden in installation and layout and also increase the level of intelligence.It can connect all household appliances through network and prepare improvement plans to different remotely controlled household appliances.So far,above 95% of household appliances on market can be connected by Turingcat and both the old and new ones can be connected to internet.

As a decoration channel team led by Ye Jiaxu, the Company's Chairman,the Turingcat team has rich decoration experiences including star level hospital,commercial complex,fine decoration of building,office building,large pavilion and track traffic.The products and technology team are led by Liu Mingyan,former director of Tencent,with the members from first line internet and technology companies including Tencent,Baidu,Sougou,Huawei and Tesla.

All workers may work in the atmosphere of much relax and joy and enjoy the funs of technology.

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add:No. 515,Building 4C,No. 1003 Software Industry Base,Keyuan Road,South District of Science Park,Nanshan District,Shenzhen City



Uniform national customer service hotline:400-150-6666

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